CM innovation 2007

I took part to the CM Innovation 2007 congress, in Affligem, close to Brussels.
I won’t tell you every things that I saw, read, talked about, but it was definitely about Web 2.0. I think in every slideshows, we had this big image, full of words, with the big WEB 2.0 text in te middle, surrounded with about a hundred words, from community to mashups, ajax, interactivity and so on…

I saw some nice presentation though. Alfresco CEO John Newton began the day with an important historic, way back to Web 1.0.
Yves Kerwyn made an excellent marketing pres around (the less exciting) Sharepoint 2007. I must say that I ve been more impressed by his encouraging way to show us how Sharepoint can “make it happen”, but unfortunately for them, I have been quite disgusted by the technical demo, later on the day.
Even if the speaker (Steven) was very professional (he warned us it was a beta & alpha version), I had this strange feeling that Microsoft was (again) trying to convince us that they created “a new way to set up blogs”…
At first sight, I thought it was a WordPress presentation. But after 2 bugs (trying to change the text in one field and another), I found out that Sharepoint was bugging. Hum.. not convinced at all.
For instance, they developped a kind of wiki system, so to make it easier, users only have to put 2 << >> in order to create a hyperlink. Seems easy. They even propose you a list (in a pop up) with similar shortcuts. That’s cool! But bad news, you have to “cut & paste” it to use them in your text… (allo, Web 2.0 ?? are you there??).

To finish with MS SS 2007, I cannot miss this one; did you know that you can change your blog template by choosing it in a dropdown menu on your blog (and only if you are an admin)?
I am maybe too hard right now, but I found this irrelevant and very unuseful. E-ve-ry blog environment can do it today…

Later in the day, Robin‘s presentation was quite interesting. It was actually the first time I saw Robin since weeks now, and as usual, it was a great moment 😉 Even with a wireless interrogation every 45 seconds, the theme (about Blogs 2.0) perfectly matched my expectations. Well done..

And finally, the CMS award.. I laughed a lot (sorry for the winners) when I heard the name for the CMS Gold Web 2.0 Public Award (this is not the professional jury)… I won’t say it, I will… I won’t.. bahhh, anyway, it’s done now… so please welcome the “best web 2.0 website from Belgium (and Europe apparently)”… click here to check it out, I m not able to write it down here..

you ll find all the results on this page. And salut à Elio ook (Olivier, you rock!! ;-))

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