when copyright is not respected….

Anderlecht, le Stade
Originally uploaded by janosizoltan.

Last week, I found out that the picture I made in January about the Anderlecht football stadium has been used by 3 redacteurs from the online magazine www.brusselnieuws.be.

I was pleased that my picture had been used by them, but 3 things were very unpleasant;
1. they did not ask me the permission for using it (I would have had a positive answer….)
2. they put my picture in a smaller size, in Black & White !!! grrrr, that’s bad, because I tried on this picture to catch the lights of the street around the stadium…. a pity!
3. no linkback to the flickr original picture page…

I wrote a mail to this gentlemen, and they never answered me back.
Now, the article does not contain my picture anymore.

We always have to pay attention to this… copyrighting is difficult to keep on the internet.. 😉


  1. Next time just send them an invoice with the SOFAM rate… With luck Google or the Waybackmachine have it in cache so get a screenshot and send them the bill.

  2. Correct way of acting :
    1. make screenshot so you have evidence
    2. contact them and ask if they change things like they should be changed
    3. when nothing changes or they don’t reply, send screenshot to http://www.sofam.be and let them sue their asses

  3. 1. Unless the picture is taken for work / professional use, release it under Creative common Licence
    2. Don’t worry anymore about copyright.
    3. Should you spot some use of your picture with missing paternity info, send a nice email reminding that CC does not mean “Free and anonymus”
    4. Move to something else, your time is worth more than that.

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